Our History

Congregation of the First Presbyterian Church of Hudson Falls in the 1990s

The congregation of FPC Hudson Falls, 1990s.

In 1803, a small, committed group of individuals called a meeting to discuss organizing a church in the community of Sandy Hill (now Hudson Falls). They initially met at the home of Captain William Smith, and continued to meet in different homes for the next seven years. In 1810, Sandy Hill was officially incorporated as a village and the budding church merged with the Presbyterians in Queensbury, NY to come under care of the Presbytery of Columbia.

The newly united congregation was briefly led by Rev. William Boardman, but then found itself without a pastor for nearly a decade. Even so, in a tradition which endures to this day, strong lay leadership carried the congregation through what can for many churches be a challenging time. The community of faith continued to worship together without an ordained minister until 1820, when Rev. Ravaud Rogers arrived in Sandy Hill. He was ordained and installed as pastor of the church in 1821.

Services were held in the town courthouse until, in 1826, a plot of land known as the Old Burying Ground was offered to whichever denomination would first build a house of worship there. The Presbyterians raised the necessary funds in two days and dedicated their building in 1827. Over the next decades, the church saw much change and growth until in 1893 it was decided that a new church building was necessary to meet the needs of an expanding congregation. The original building (pictured above) was torn down, and again the congregation met in the town courthouse. Not quite two years later, in 1895, the current building was dedicated.

During the 20th century, the church survived two fires: the first in 1933 and the second in 1981. In each case the fires united the people of the church as they worked together to restore and rebuild their house of worship. Over the years, it has been the people of this church, more even than the beautiful buildings, which have held this community of faith together. Our church today is the product of many people working together for a common goal. From one generation to the next, we will continue to build on the past as we strive toward the future God has planned for us.