Ecumenical Community Picnic in the Park, September 2019

In the Presbyterian Church, we believe that each person is baptized into the mission and ministry of the Body of Christ. Our congregation strives to fulfill its mission in many ways daily. We do this using a diversity of skills and experiences. Our members are open and welcoming people of God who maintain the vitality and energy that keeps our church moving ahead.

We are a multitalented group encompassing numerous professions, artists and craftsmen! You will find in the pews on Sunday morning many educators, excellent builders both amateur and professional, professional theologians, trained musicians and wonderful chefs. Our people use these skills and many others to do the Lord's work in our church, community and the world.

Our members are active in the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), our Synod, our Presbytery, and our own church. Evidence of our mission shows in our rummage sales, our support of charities such as Operation Santa, and youth mission projects. Members and clergy hold classes and Bible studies and we are always looking to explore other areas that are of interest to our membership.