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Elevator Project!

posted Aug 1, 2013, 9:06 AM by First Presbyterian
It is with great pleasure that we announce that after many years, our church is seriously
undertaking the long-hoped-for project of installing an elevator in our building! The session 
has appointed a commission to research and contract the project, and to explore grants and 
fundraising efforts to pay for it. It has been a priority for the commission to work directly with 
people who have professional experience installing elevators. We are still in the preliminary
stages of this project, and gathering solid information.

We are working closely with engineers, architects, and Barrier Free, which is an elevator
company, to make sure we get exactly what we need for our congregation. We’re very 
concerned with getting professional advice on what is structurally possible, advisable, and 
most affordable. We will soon be talking with an experienced and reputable general contractor, 
to learn more from his perspective. We will be taking steps to get an itemized quote for that part 
of the project, so that we may proceed with our search for funding sources.

We’ve tried to keep open minds about various possibilities, however we have established
priorities and have presented them to the firms with whom we're working so that they know 
what we're looking for. We've said that we need:
• an elevator that will go from the sanctuary level to the fellowship hall level
• an elevator that will accommodate at least 2 people 
• easy and convenient access on both levels that will work well with our traffic flow
• for the entire project to be as affordable and cost effective as possible
• to still have use of our existing kitchen
• for the project to not be hideously ugly
We want for it to also be aesthetically pleasing and for it to fit in with the existing architecture. 

We are a long way from finalizing any decisions, but we are excited about this new project that will enable us to better serve our members and our community!