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Director of Music

Purpose: The Director of Music will be responsible for enriching the worship life of First Presbyterian Church by providing and planning for quality musical experiences during the service, engaging new songs from diverse traditions, as well as encouraging traditional songs with renewed vigor.

The vision of First Presbyterian Church is to be known in Hudson Falls and the surrounding area as a place where all people are celebrated and valued, by doing everything in our power to be open and welcoming, sharing the resources God has given us.  Our church has a rich musical history, with a devoted choir of 6-12 members and a substantial library of both classic major works and contemporary composers.  We have a Yamaha G3 6-foot grand piano and an Allen digital organ, both of which have been beautifully maintained.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 
· Serve as the organist, accompanist, and choir director for First Presbyterian Church 
· Work with the pastor to ensure that meaningful music is a part of each worship service 
· Maintain and continue to build the current music library 
· Schedule and/or provide special music during the summer when the choir does not sing

· Experience as an accompanist
· Competence and familiarity with teaching music to a group
· Knowledge of and experience with liturgical music highly preferred
· Excellent communication
· High degree of organization

Personal characteristics:
· Flexibility and creativity
· Warmth and maturity
· Openness to development of new programs

Term and Compensation:
This is a part-time position requiring 2-3 hours per week at the church on Sunday mornings in addition to personal practice time.  Benefits include additional compensation for weddings and funerals, earned paid time off, and the ability to use church space for lessons and/or recitals.  Salary will be paid monthly at a rate of approximately $225/week.

Joyce Irwin (518)632-5653

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