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posted Mar 20, 2020, 8:20 AM by First Presbyterian
Dear friends,

We are living through an unprecedented (in our lifetimes, anyway) experience. I know of no one I can call who's been through it to the other side, no one who has words of reassurance that it'll all be over after X number of weeks, no one who can say with certainty what this means for us. It's going to require what in some ways will be a major shift for our congregational life together. The most noticeable of which will be that until further notice, we will exclusively be worshiping together virtually, and all in-person church activities are postponed indefinitely. 

I will be leading worship at 10:00am each Sunday via Facebook Live on our church's Facebook page. I recognize that not everyone has access to that. We will also send responsive readings and sermons via USPS to anyone who cannot access the Facebook feed, and we will be able to provide some guidance and training in helping people access that feed who may have the means, but not the knowledge. We are working as a Session on creative solutions to be able to provide both congregational and pastoral care to our members and friends in ways that are safe and sensible. This is not a perfect solution. There will be missteps and things will fall through the cracks. But I am grateful for your patience as we navigate completely uncharted waters.

But here is what will not change: every week on Sunday - the Lord's Day - the Scriptures will be read and proclaimed by First Presbyterian Church. The Worship of God will not be interrupted. We will continue to love and care for each other. The Priesthood of All Believers will live on as it always has. We will continue to proclaim, week in and week out, the Good News that Love breaks through Hatred, Hope breaks through Despair, Life breaks through Death, and we are forgiven, loved, and set free.

This pandemic is new for us. But it is not new in the scope of human history. Plagues have come and gone. Generations have risen and fallen. There have been quarantines, there has been fear, there has been chaos. But not one of those things has ever been able to destroy the Body of Christ. COVID-19 will not destroy it either. We are merely in an extended Lent - a season of fasting - as we give up things that we hold dear for a time, and listen closely for God's voice.

Peace and Good Health,